My lad Ethan with Jonny Rea

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Jonny Rea is quick, although Ethan did give him some advice on stabiliser’s!

We were at a track day at Kirkistown and Jonny Rea turned up in his Dream Honda leathers, some of the guy’s on track were damn fast until Jonny went out on a standard blade with race fairing’s on… my god we really don’t know how to ride! 

I never saw a road bike backing in, drifting round and sliding out of corner’s before, this was only a few day’s after Craig Jones had tragically lost his life and Jonney was very upset and really unable to talk about it but he was a total gent and happy to pose for pic’s and chat. 

I hope for the rest of the season he can keep doing what he does best and win the title for Craig, although my heart goes out to his team mate Andrew Pitt.


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