Triumph moving to Thailand- cheaper for who?

Kevin Ash’s article regarding Truimph’s decision to move production to Thailand prompts me to expand on the theme of heritage, honesty and country of manufacture.

The justification for moving British jobs to China is often that its cheaper, but cheaper for who? Not the consumer!

How much did Barbour clothing plummet in price when they went to China? Or Snap On (yes Snap On)? Or DeWalt power tools (it might say Idestien, Germany on them, but not Made in)? Or Musto? Or Black and Decker? All Chinese sourced!

Chinese does not mean low price, it means high profit. The higher the price the higher the profit and premium brands know it. It’s curious how none of these products say ‘MADE IN CHINA’ on them. Why?

Instead terms like ‘German quality’, ‘Designed in USA’ and ‘German Engineering’ are all to diguise the fact that they’re made in China and try to justify high prices! 

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