Harden the fuck up

Published: 08 January 2008

I'm nearly 50 and I've rode bikes since I was 15

I am realy getting sick of hearing so called bikers say we should be good little girls and boys and not speed, ride noisy bikes, and we should all wear amarni suits and ride very quiet BMW R65's.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the angels, outlaws n rats form one big group and help each other out when needed, most people buy bikes 'cos they love them and the lifestyle - the speed the rush of doing a bit of street racing. The rallies and of course the comaraderie.

Wouldn't it be funny if all the London bike riders bikes broke down on the same day and same time so the roads were blocked every month till police and government stood up and listened, then the rest of the worlds bikers might cotton on too.

One other thing this is aimed at Brisbane QLD Australia Riders. I mean posers. The ones who buy bikes just to look at themselves in shop windows as they cruise by on their Harley's. Buy a fucking Porshe, Aston or a Robin Reliant and leave bikes to bikers not to accidents waiting to happen.