Is this what we pay road tax for!?

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Dear MCN I would be grateful if you could publish this information to notify other fellow bikers of such hazards.

I have attached some photos that I took only yesterday of the unacceptable road surface on the B2177.

This should be an ideallic ride out for us bikers, but could likely end in tragedy – just check out the potholes… get ya wheels stuck in this one and you could be in Trouble!

Perhaps MCN, you could use your clout to contact the authority responsible for maintaining this particular stretch of road – after all we pay enough tax and deserve a better service!

This stretch of road is near Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth which is a regular meeting place for many bikers, its a real shame that our enjoyment can be spoiled by the negligence of the authorities to provide us with a safe road to ride on.

How ironic it is, and hypocritical they are when they decide to install speed cameras in the name of road safety… yeah right!

Just ANOTHER TAX more like!


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By Harleyman_uk