California Superbike School rained off - in a big way!

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The first California Superbike School event of 2008 suffered a dampener when the track got waterlogged. But this wasn't in the UK, or even America, but scorching Dubai!

Organiser Andy Ibbott told MCN: "You would expect this to be a normal school affair with little issues other than heat for the UK instructors. Most of the students are Arabs.

Dubai normally has 25mm of rain over 4 days each year. However, they have had 100mm of rain in 2 days and this is the result at Turn 1 of the Dubai Autodrome. Now we are running KTMs in Dubai but even a 990 SuperMoto could not get through this lot!

"It's claimed that the water table has risen high because of all the construction going on and all the foundations being put in. The fact is none of the drains could cope and all the tankers in Dubai have been hired out so no-one can get rid of the water!

"We have had to reschedule the school for only the 2nd time in 13 years - and it's been in the least likely of all the places we run in the world."

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Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis