Bus lane cover-up

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A report showing lives are saved by letting motorcycles use bus lanes has been suppressed for political gain, according to the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF).

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A leaked Transport for London (TfL) report shows accidents have fallen 42% on routes where motorcycles have been allowed in bus lanes.

The findings were presented to London Mayor Ken Livingstone in September but authors were ordered to rewrite them and “bury” safety benefits, according to reports.

A senior mayoral advisor is said to have ordered the rewrite due to fears votes would be lost by allowing us to share bus lanes with cyclists. 

BMF chairman Anna Zee said: “Lives are being put at risk for political expediency.”

The report found accidents involving motorcycles fell 45% on trial routes of Brixton Road and Finchley Road while a control route saw a 19% rise.

Pedestrian casualties fell 39% compared to a 3% rise on the control route.

Collisions between cyclists and motorcyclists fell by 44%.

The draft report said: "These figures demonstrate that crashes involving powered two-wheelers and other vulnerable road users become more infrequent even when considering the increased concentration of riders."




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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell