Arrogant, anti-bike shop keepers

Just today I was also told to remove my helmet in a shop. I wear an open face helmet and I had also taken my shades off and pulled my buff off my face.

The owner told me: "take your hat off." I turned to face him and said "Why? Won't you serve me with it on?" The reply was NO his whole manner was rude and very aggressive.

I'm sorry but if I had been a nasty person he would have got a slap for his bad manners.

I run a post office and I would not dream of being so rude to anyone young or old. My customers are my living. We have many guys come in with motorbikes - 99.9% of those with full face helmets take them off. Lets be fair here, crash helmets don't make a villain.

I did however tell this very rude man to stuff it and walked out to my husband saying in a very load voice "What a rude arrogant g*t!" We will never go in there again.

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