Lucky Escape on the commute

Nothing new with riding to work, I do it every shift - I always have always will. But a recent journey home was the luckiest journey of my life.

I was 'making progress' down the dual carriageway heading towards Reading on the A33 gaining rapidly on a white hatchback. Nothing new there. Well, not util his bonnet came off!

He slewed across the carriageway into my path and I was hit by debris, but kept it all together.

I managed to avoid him and carried on. Not intentially, I would have stopped but the thought of getting taken out by the vehicles behind and the shock of it all took over and I just wanted to survive.

I'm sat at home now, having taken sick leave. I'm very sore, my neck back and arms are killing me. I have a serious neck problem anyway.

On the plus side the bike is untouched!

Just thought I'd share. Ride safe all.

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Paul Forrester

Reader's article

By Paul Forrester