Ride to Work day... on a Desmosedici!

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Gernerally I never commute to work. I keep my biking pleasure for hot weekends, trips to Europe (touring and watching top racing) or a bunch of track days.

With this year's "MCN ride to work day" I thought due to a new arrival in the fold I would make a special exception and make the trip.

Once I had sorted all of the logistics (route, bike security and alike) I was ready for the off. I live in South East London and my commute is only about 10 miles in to the city but I have to say it did make an enjoyable change.

The whole experience was made more of an event due to my new toy. Crowded commuter London was not the environment Alan Jenkins had in mind for his fantastic creation, but it never missed a beat and even had people diving for cover with it's sheer noise and presence.

Not something I will repeat in a hurry as my biking is generally in more open faster country.

But another chance to cruise the big Duke through London before the summer is out? Why not! (Desmosedici RR #551)

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Mark Hills (slickhillsy)

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By Mark Hills (slickhillsy)