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I must be Mr government statistic, born again rider passing on a direct access at 40. First bike was a 600 naked bandit and now im on an R6. i read the governments statistics on riders being killed and seriously injured and to be fair i can see that its true a lot of riders do suffer from over enthusiasm, mixed with a lack of experience on very fast bikes and this can lead to some serious offs.

I was given some good advice when learning to ride, my instructor told me to go into corners a little under speed and nail it coming out, just as much fun without the risk of getting it messy going in.

Secondly the government points out that many riders are taken out by car drivers failing to see them, this we all know forms a large part of our riding now, positioning is crucial and on nearly every ride out you can bet on the odd motor giving good reason for the tightening of the butt cheeks.

My problem is though, in all the literature we see from our over protective leaders, they always fail to tell just how many riders are killed or injured as a direct result of there actions in not maintaining our roads to a safe standard. I really would like to see these figures published and hear the excuses from the local councils, after all in these times of health and safety britain i do feel someone is taking the pi## out of the two wheel travellers including our cycling buddys.

Just one more thing im currently running on metzler sportec m1's and pretty pleased with them on the road, however i would like to ask your tyre expert if they could take a look at the picture i have sent in of the corner at the bottom of my road and ask if in there opinion i should swop to a full knobbly (damn i love my track days at brands).

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Richard Reid

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By Richard Reid