Stitched up for speeding

Published: 23 June 2008

I took my mates 12 yr old kid out for a ride on my bike round the Sherburn area (Squires bar) the other night. I was riding along the old A1 (which is now the A63) when a marked police car that was parked up in the layby pulled me over and told me I had gone through a speed trap travelling at 101,5 mph.

I told him I wasn't and asked several times to see the evidence, in this case the V.A.S.C.A.R V.D.U. Each time he came out with a lame excuse why I couldn't. Then I asked if he was sure it was me as the speed check area was almost 1 mile down the road and over a hill, well out of his sight. He said he was sure and never asked the officer who performed the speed check to come and identify me.

After a short arguement I conceeded and waited for my day in court. After hiring a reputable and expensive laywer I was found guilty last week and sentenced this week. I got a 14 day ban and 850 pound fine and costs, not too bad you may say considering 101.5mph... WRONG!! If I had been doing that speed then yes its not too bad but i wasn't.

If the officer that took the speed check had come along and identified me and shown me the V.A.S.C.A.R's V.D.U as proof I would have come clean, gone home and sold my bike, because if a rider cannot tell the difference between 70mph and 100mph without looking at the clock they shouldnt ride on public roads.

My main gripe is that if a copper can stop a biker and accuse them of speeding, without showing them a shred of evidence, make so many violations of procedure (A.C.P.O GUIDELINES) and get backed up by a judge in court just because the defendant is a biker, what chance do any of us have of getting an honest hearing?

I would love to hear any comments on this and would love it even more if someone who was pulled over on Aug 4 2007 on the A63 between 20.15 and 20.45 would respond so we can compare notes. If anyone wants more detail get in touch, and you will find the more facts and details that I give the more this scenario becomes shadey at best, Thanks for reading this. Safe and enjoyable biking for all.