Top road tax excuses

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Road tax evaders are becoming more creative with their excuses, according to the DVLA.

The Agency claims its internet tax renewal service means the classic “tax in the post” will no longer wash. Instead tax cheats are trying their luck with gems like: “I ticked the box on the form but didn’t’ realise I had to send it away.”

Here are the top five silliest excuses of last year, released by DVLA today:

1. I gave the vehicle to a man in the pub.
2. My mate took the vehicle for a test drive a year ago, and hasn’t brought it back yet.
3. I did tick the box, but didn’t realise I had to actually send you the form.
4. The weather’s been nice so I haven’t needed to use it.
5. The letter advises me to ignore any correspondence.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell