All Foggy Petronas equipment up for sale

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An auction has started today selling everything that was owned by the Team Foggy Petronas World Superbike racing team.

There are a total of 494 items from the Foggy Petronas team up for sale on the auction, which is been held on the Wyles Hardy internet auction site.

The items range from the Double Decker race trailer to various tools and even the teams reception desk!

For those of you who require more useful objects there are also various work benches and tool cabinets.

As well as this there are also leathers, helmets, gloves and boots as worn by some of Foggy Petronas’ riders over the four years they were competing in World Superbikes.

To view the auction go to The auction ends on 17 April.

Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer