New NW Biker Site Rides into Town!

'Rewind' is a completely free site for all North West Bikers and Pillions to share an online community with others who have a similar interest ...bikes!

The new site is also a superb resource where all North West motorcycle related forums, clubs, groups and road safety teams can join and post their events, fundraisers, meets, rallies, functions and rideouts in the events section and advertise their website in our directory - all for free.

The North West now has a true 'one stop shop' for all things motorcycle related!

Rewind was established by Rick Wilson, as after passing his DAS in Sept 2007, he found himself having to trawl a vast amount of north west websites to find out about what was going on in the area.

Rick thought it would be much easier if everything was in one place and also wanted to provide a regional site for people to discuss motorcycles without having to formally join a club or group.

Rick would like to see the events section populated directly by those staging them, and to do this organisers or venues can get free publicity via a free sign up that takes under a minute - if you click the mouse button very fast!!

P.S. The page wont let me add an image so I've added a link to it below: -

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Rick Wilson

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By Rick Wilson