Can Bikers Raise A Million Signatures On No 10 Petitions?

There are currently two very topical petitions running on the official government "10 Downing Street" website: one to postpone the date for bringing in the new motorcycle test (due Sept 29 2008) till all 66 sites are operational in the UK:

And the other petition to remove the maximum motorbike engine size limit for learners and light motorcycles with (Bio) Diesel engines as a 500cc will produce less than 10hp whereas a petrol engine of the allowed 125cc can produce 14.6hp!

Can all bikers vote and pass the details round as many friends as possible? Don't forget you've got to validate the email they send back to you to verify your email address.

Let's see if we can hit a million signatures on both!

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Mr B J Mann

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By Mr B J Mann