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BBC refuses to hand over speed camera video

Published: 06 May 2008

The BBC has refused to hand over a video showing cars braking heavily and crashing as they approach a speed camera.

The video was shown on BBC Breakfast news and briefly on the BBC News website bit has since vanished from the site.

Critics claimed the accidents shown in the video were caused by the speed camera.

The BBC said in a statement: “The video in question was not seeking to illustrate in any way that speed cameras cause accidents but rather was used to illustrate a story on BBC Breakfast news that suggested one in three fatal accidents are caused by speeding.

"The statistic was later called into question and as a result the video clip from BBC Breakfast, which had been placed on the BBC News website, was removed.”
A BBC spokeswoman refused to provide MCN with the video, stating: “It’s not our footage.”

Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, which provided the footage for the BBC, said: “We have used all our stock of the DVDs.”

A Freedom of Information request for the video has been submitted to both organisations.