Motorcyclists asked for £5 deposit to fill-up at Morrisons

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Every rider to fill up at a Morrisons supermarket has been asked to hand over a £5 deposit first.

The policy was introduced to deter riders from leaving without paying, according to a branch manageress.

Nip Gathani, managing the petrol station at Morrisons’ Milton Keynes store, said the policy had been in place for a “few weeks” and withdrawn around three weeks ago.

But she said staff would still ask for a deposit from riders acting “suspiciously”.
“If we find anyone suspicious, yes, we do,” she said. “If someone doesn’t take their helmet off or they fill up behind a car, and we can’t see, it’s our job to do it.”

Gathani said the move had been necessary after a number of cases of riders leaving without paying.

She said: “There were a few guys coming here and mucking around and not attempting to pay. So we decided to take the deposit.

“Because of a few people we have to do the same thing for everyone,” she added. 

MCN reader Tony Hales was one of the riders subjected to the policy. He said: “I stood by the pump waiting for it to be cleared when one of the staff approached me and informed me that motorcyclists now have to put a £5 deposit down before they will let them fill up.

“I took my business elsewhere.”


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell