Boris Johnson tells transport bosses: Open London’s bus lanes to motorcycles

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Boris Johnson has told London’s transport bosses to open bus lanes to motorcycles.

The new London Mayor also condemned his predecessor Ken Livingstone for changing safety findings to block the move.

Answering questions from the London Assembly yesterday, Johnson said: “I have talked to Transport for London about this.

"It would be an exaggeration to say that they are enthusiastic but they are of course very happy to go ahead with this idea.”

Asked whether Livingstone should be condemned for having a safety report rewritten to suit his views, Johnson said: “Of course.

"Throughout these proceedings I’m willing to listen and willing to take on board the views of others and not to be driven solely by dogma.”

Johnson said accidents had fallen where bus lanes had been opened to bikes. He added: “I think the decision that I’ve announced to go ahead and allow motorcycles in bus lanes will be not only welcomed but will also lead to absolutely no increase in danger on the roads.” 

The mayor’s office said legal measures and new road signs were necessary before the move could go ahead.

Livingstone sparked outrage in March by announcing bus lanes would not be opened to motorcycles despite a leaked report stating collisions fell 42% on trial routes.

His office published a “final” version with before-and-after casualty rates removed. 

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell