Honda aims to make car-motorcycle collisions a thing of the past

Published: 23 October 2008

Honda has unveiled a new vehicle to vehicle communication system which it hopes could put an end to motorcycle and car collisions.

The 'Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication' system works using wireless LAN technology to link vehicles within a certain range to each other. The vehicles can then send information to each other, such as speed, position and distance.

General Manager of Honda Motorcycles UK, Steve Martindale said: "The Car 2 Car Consortium’s research and work, coupled with Honda’s latest safety innovation will result in a new era of road safety for all road users, where vehicle communication systems share vital information with the aim of helping to reduce the number of casualties on the roads.

As well as the receiving information on other vehicles in the area the system will also update the rider on accidents, obstructions, traffic conditions and potential dangers in the area.

Motorcyclists will receive the information on a display and will have the option to receive audio warnings through earphones in their helmet.