DAS test problems

Hi to all you bikers, I just wanted to write about the stupid ideas the goverment have thought of.

First of all, they shut down 200 test centres and say they will open 60... instead they open 30. I failed my D.A.S test last year, I've bought my bike (which im still paying for) and when i rang around for lessons they were fully booked up until october, or to expensive at £120 a day or £600 for a five day course.

How the hell can they charge so much?! why cant they charge by the hour? it would make it much easier for other learners and me to pay. I love bikes and i want to ride mine but at this rate i be wont riding anything, why dont the goverment keep theit noses out of what they dont understand.

Can anybody help a very pissed off learner pass my D.A.S test so i can enjoy riding my Honda VT750 Cruiser, happy biking and safe riding.

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Reader's article

By john