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Learn adventure riding skills from the masters

Published: 16 April 2009

New book ‘Adventure Riding Techniques: The essential guide to all the skills you need for off-road adventure riding’ by Robert Wicks & Greg Baker has just been published by Haynes. Here’s what they say about it...

"Adventure Riding Techniques is the definitive guide to the specialist skills needed for off-road adventure riding, written to give readers the confidence to undertake a long-distance adventure ride, whatever the conditions.

"The book takes a practical approach to adventure bike basics, riding techniques, crossing different types of terrain, riding positions and survival. In typical Haynes style, using picture-led chapters and step-by-step instructions, the book covers all the key aspects of the techniques relevant to adventure riding."

It’s a 176-page hardback with  300 colour illustrations, available for £19.99 from