New ‘biker-safe’ crash barrier

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Technology designed to make roadside crash barriers safer for motorcyclists was unveiled today.

The device covers barriers’ supporting posts, which can be lethal to riders in a crash.

Unlike other products that do the same thing, Biker-safe is designed to flex when a rider hits it in order to absorb some of the energy from the impact.

It’s made from high-strength polyester and can “easily” be added to existing crash barriers, according to the makers.

It comes after the Institute of Advanced Motorists said one in six motorcyclist road deaths could result from hitting a crash barrier and called for support posts to be covered with lower rails. 

Biker-safe was unveiled at an exhibition of the latest road technology in  Birmingham today, with a dummy in motorcycle gear to illustrate the point.

The show also featured a host of new bike-catching average-speed cameras due to appear on UK roads within months.

For more on this – including news of the system which links together up to 1000 cameras in a speed control zone, whose makers tried to block us from taking photos – get MCN, on sale April 29. 

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell