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Fed up with being labeled as bad!

Published: 14 April 2009

Updated: 19 November 2014

I decided being that Bank Holiday Monday was a real nice day, to get out on my TL1000R for a ride out for a few hours, I decided to go from Swindon - Bibury-Burford-Stanlake-Wantage-A34 South - Newbury - Hungerford - Marlborough - Avebury then home. A nice ride out for a few hours on my own I thought, nothing to intense, just a nice ride out.

Now reading recently in MCN about these new stealth tax camera's aimed at bikers and bikers alone!! I am some what shocked!! I came across alot of good riding whilst I was out and about on my travels, no bad speed freaks on bikes in any way shape or form really i have to say.

However what I did see was no Police anywhere at all on my entire journey, and plenty of w*ankers in cars, Vans and Horse boxes breaking the law, either driving to fast in cars or horse box drivers not aware of their surroundings in 7.5 ton trucks in a world of their own with bits of rope hanging from the back of these things.

I stopped in Wantage for a cold drink and saw cars and vans with bald tyres parked in the High Street (Tyres are my trade), 4X4 Drivers with no regard for anyone but themselves on the road (never had an accident in their life, seen a few in the rear view mirror though).

It annoys me and makes my blood boil that police men & women plus these idiots and the Governement have the brass kneck to call me, and my fellow bikers speed freak nutters! Who the hell are they to brand me??

I am a professional in my line of business with responsabilities at home, if I was to tag them it would not be pleasent and would be un-printable believe me, people in glass houses should not throw stones, just because me and my fellow bikers have a life and a hobby isnt going to make us an easy target to their bull to keep the tree huggers of this country happy!!

I and We have a right as human beings to come and go as free as We please, this is why we have a so called democracy in this country (Yea Right!!). I think the countries that we criticize in the world have a better democracy than we do here!!

Democracy in this country as i see it should be known as control, power, dictatorship and not to forget paranoia!! And I for one am fed up with it!! It states in the law of this land that prejudice is illegal, equal rights for all they say, well when can I and my fellow bikers have ours Mr. Stuart Appleton?? The Government?? Mr. 4x4 Driver? And Mr. Tree Hugger?? When??

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