New test does nothing for Road Safety

Academy of Safe Motorcycling in Bournemouth here. As a trainer I have been continually saying to the DSA at their outreach meetings that the new test is dangerous and unecesssary.

I have pointed out that the high speed manouevers part of the test are totally against our training ethos regarding cornering and speed and misuse of the gears and accelleration on the A2 test.

In short the fact that the test is so dependant on a massive open space precludes a lot of training bodies to teach the Mod 1 course as it will be done on the day. I am fortuneate enough to have a large area with which to conduct Mod 1 training but can see how many training schools will struggle with this and ultimately everyone suffers.

It is always too late when we have to say I told you so, but Rosemary Thew, “I TOLD YOU SO!” at Bournemouth and Exeter.


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By asmtraining