New test: the DSA were told and told again!

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Well just a short note on the the new test – the DSA have been told told and better told that this would not be succesful.

This proves that all the schools that have voiced their opinion has been ignored again and again. I hope the trainees that were injured on their part 1 (TEST) are ok. I also hope they have a good legal team to deal with the DSA.

This new test will not help riders to become safer, the object of forward planning is to see the car coming out of the junction, back of the throttle, check your shoulder and get into a defensive riding position. When the hazard has been dealt with back in to defensive riding and so on… not swerve to avoid the car because you were not looking for it!

Get real DSA, Start talking to people who do the job all day every day,

Regards, Roger (MD RIDESAFE)


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