Not looking forward to the new test

I was fortunate enough to get a cancelled Das test before the new part of the test came in, however i was unfortunate enough to fail my test by dropping my bike from a stationary position as i went to turn right.

I broke my big toe on my right foot 2 days before so when the bike went down my foot was not able to take the full weight and stop the bike going over. Either i did not put the bike back in 1st gear or it may have jumped into neutral.

I was only minutes from the test centre and at that point only had 4 minor faults so would have passed. (Absolutely gutted) I would agree that safety for the bike rider and also pedestrians and other road users should be paramount. but from a learners point of view and the pressures involved in taking the tests and now with the news that other candidates are coming off their bikes while carrying out the swerve manouver would indeed make anyone attempting to take the new test extremely nervous.

As prevoiusly mentioned on here we are taught to drive and ride depending on the road and weather conditions. How the the DSA expect you to constantly monitor your speedo for the correct speed while also waiting for the signal to perform this (EMERGENCY SWERVE!!) is surely itself a dangerous excercise especially if the road surface is wet and slippery and the bike tyres are cold. We all might as well take the test at the local ice rink. 

I sympathise with all fellow and female learners out there. DSA CHANGE THIS PART OF THE TEST BEFORE SOMEONE GETS SERIOUSLY INJURED. As for the poor guy that broke his forearm sue them mate how are you going to feel when you go back to do that part of the test again?? I wish you a speedy recovery. If everybody that comes off their bike and either injures themselves or wrecks their clothing, crash helmets claim it all back from the DSA also the instructors should also claim for any damage the bike sustains i am sure this would encourage the DSA to make this part of the test safer for the learner if there are financial implications.

I will be taking my test again soon once my foot has healed fully. Admittedly not looking forward to it now in the light of what is happening to my fellow learners.

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