The new test will make you a better rider

I feel I must add my little bit as far as the new bike test goes. My wife decided that it was time for her to ride a motorcycle, so we bought her a 125cc for her CBT which proved no problem.

She was nervous as could be expected but as soon as we found Bryans motorcycle Training Centre in Stoke on Trent things changed drastically, she had found a professional training school with top notch instructors who actually care.

The new test is designed to assist the new motorcycle rider become a better and more aware rider, and as some of you know the car drivers out there do not take real notice of riders. She unfortunately failed her first Mod 1 test by 1 KPH and thats all and is now looking forward to the challenge of nailing it next week, this is all down to the training she has received from Kevin and Fred an Bryans Training School.

So for all you would be motorcycles riders don't let the new test put you off, it will make you a better rider. I have been riding for 44 years and this is my honest opinion.

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Pete Kilbey

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By Pete Kilbey