The world’s fastest Monkey Bike?

A nine times Dakar competitor is hoping to break a land speed record on this alcohol-powered Honda Monkey bike.

Crazy Czech Ivo Kastan will race the 175cc Monkey bike in two classes on the Bonneville Salt Flats in September.   

He hopes to smash the Monkey bike land speed record and the naked 175cc four-stroke land speed record in his sights and hopes to see the speedo hit 100mph.

His machine has a replica of an early 'hard-tail' frame, as he believes rear suspension is irrelevant on a straight-line speed attempt.

Drum brakes are retained to allow a gradual speed reduction without the ‘drag’ of disc brakes.

Takegawa forks and a steering damper are also present to help stop high speed 'tank slappers'.

The highly tuned TJR Motorsport engine is based on a 110cc Honda unit and runs an oil cooler which should preserve the engine long enough to complete the required, and hopefully record breaking runs.

Low rolling resistance tyres with Daytona alloy sports wheels, supplied by sponsor CMS, the Dutch Mini Bike parts specialist, complete the picture.

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Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley