Venhill offer bespoke cable service

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Venhill report increased demand for their tailor-made clutch and throttle cables from motorcyclists opting to replace worn control cables with high quality British-manufactured items. 

“We can make up lines to most requirements. Just send in a sample or a drawing of what is wanted,” explains John van der Hoff of Venhill.

“Depending on the time of year we can usually turn things around in between 7-21 days.  Payment can be done over the ‘phone when the job is finished so it’s pretty straightforward”.

Venhill developed their Featherlight cables as a performance upgrade on the original items, giving far better durability, control and feel, and all bespoke cables are produced to this specification.

So for a price that, in many cases, will be comparable to a factory replacement clutch or throttle cable, riders get a marine grade stainless steel ‘rope’ inner for durability with a Teflon liner for smooth operation time after time.  Handmade for a perfect fit.

Sample prices for a single throttle are £18.98, twin (push/pull) are £37.95 or a clutch cable is £26.45.

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull