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Hi Guys, Here’s a horror story involving an exotic Italian Superbike and a Lancashire Exhaust!! Two months ago I bought an 07 Benelli Tornado Tre and wanted something a bit different for the end can.

After searching on ‘tinternet I found Blueflame did a rather tasty looking Black Satin jobbie. So being the impulsive type, I bought one!! Three weeks later, or rather after 350 miles, all the black coating started to burn, bubble and peel off. Happy?? Mmmmm, not really!

So I sent Blueflame a quick email with a few piccies so they could see for themselves just what the problem was, and asked them to phone me as soon as possible to discuss options.

I recieved a reply from their Director, a Mr. Nigel Leeming, who informed me it was a coaters issue and he would send me another one, this time with a higher heat coating?? I replied that shouldn’t all the exhausts they supply have a high heat coating in the first place? After all, it’s an exhaust, it’s ‘gonna get hot! But I was happy for them to send me out a new one.

Mr. Leeming’s reply was a simple, and I quote, ” Thanks for the reply, please send the end can to us and we will be happy to credit you immediately”.

Still no phone call, still no refund. I sent the can back to them and using an online tracker I can see that Blueflame recieved it on Friday 14th August 2009. I have still not recieved any form of “credit” from them, despite an email addressed to their Managing Director on Monday 24th asking for a refund.

They haven’t even had the curtesy to respond. I would advise every single biker out there to stay well away from Blueflame, thier quality control seems to be in the hands of the customer, whilst their customer service quite literally, stinks!

Chris Bridge

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By Chris Bridge