New Clover X-3 Multifit suit

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Clover X-3 Multifit is a very special divisible leather suit. It is the first suit that offers the innovative Multifit size system, patented by Clover and able to perfectly fit the motorcyclist’s body.

The suit allows for riders to match a jacket size 50 with pants size 48 or even 52, and vice versa, by selecting a higher or lower size for each garment.

This idea came from a survey carried out by Clover. Only 20% of people wear a perfect size 48\50\52 etc. The remaining 80% is represented by individuals who show size differences at the level of shoulders, legs and so on.

The new divisible X-3 leather suit offers this exclusive system, Clover’s alternative to a made to measure suit.

And this isn’t just for the look – a suit that better fits the body creates fewer pleats that overlap and, in case of fold, can cause leather breaking. 

The suit is made from 1.2mm thick cowhide, has removable CE armour, stretch fabrics on the legs and arms and a thin but boy-climate-controlling liner.

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull