Would you buy an Arai RX7-GP Spencer rep?

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Arai Japan is set to launch two Freddie Spencer replica Arai RX7-GP’s into their ’09 replica helmet range, and if you want the same you can help MCN bring them to the UK.

The two helmets designs are just reverse colour panels to the other – so where one is blue the other is red and vice-versa.

But at the moment the two-time 500cc GP and 250cc Grand Prix Champion’s helmet will only go on sale in Japan.

However, UK distributors for Arai, Phoenix, has told MCN that if there is enough demand for the Spencer design there is a chance they would bring it into the UK midway through the year in select numbers.

The helmet itself has a peripheral belt in the shell for improved safety, a wider visor aperture for better vision and the drag-reducing air wing.

Expect to pay around the same price as the current replica RX7-GP’s, near the £590 mark.

Simply click yes on our poll if you’d like to see a Spencer replica brought into the UK and help MCN make it happen!


Rob Hull

By Rob Hull