Filtering Through Traffic

Published: 02 February 2009

I don’t know about you but I prefer the motor car to be behind me for most of the time, because we all know and some of us too well how unpredictable the driver of such contraptions can be. 

Filtering, yes we all do it, I mean why would we sit in a traffic queue when we can safely move to the front and thus reduce the risk of not being seen? If we're at the front of the traffic we can hopefully safely move off, abide by the speed limit and be on our way.

Put this scenario to a person who doesn’t or has never ridden a bike and they will mostly agree, they don’t want bikes taking up their precious road space, if we're in front of them they often just don’t see us and if we're behind them they complain that we intimidate them; we can’t win so we filter.

So, is filtering legal? what does the law have to say on this matter? I have filtered many times in full view of Police and even at the side of a patrol car, but I remember reading a while back that it was an illegal manoeuvre, and I think it was in the MCN.

I (and I'm sure lots of other riders) would be happy to be refreshed on this subject. We all know the stats regarding bikers being knocked off but how many are filtering at the time and how does this affect regarding claim and culpability?

To me it makes perfect sense and frees up the road space for other users, a kind of public service if you like, but we all know the law makes no sense.