Westminster City Hall Demo, Inside and Out!

Published: 19 February 2009

What an amazing demonstration on Tuesday 17th Feb 2009, thank you to all that attended it was the largest protest to date and definitely a kick in the teeth for Westminster Council. Over 500+ of you made it out on to the streets of London to show your anger towards Westminster Council, Councillor Danny Chalkley, Alastair Gilchrist, Martin Low, Kevin Goad and Kieran Fitsall (The antagonists and creators behind the experimental parking tax on Motorcycles and Scooters in Westminster). Our next demonstration is planned for 28th Feb 2009, 10am Meet Golden Square - Full details and map here: http://www.notobikeparkingfees.com/events/ Following that we will be arranging our MEGA demo (1000+ motorcycles and scooters on the streets) this will be taking place on 31st March 2009 (Sun sets at 7:30pm then!) at 5pm meeting in TRAFALGAR SQUARE to coincide with the formal invitation by Westminster to all of us to a scrutiny meeting, where the parking tax will be on the agenda, hopefully it would have been scrapped by then!!! Let us keep plugging away at Westminster Council, keep on the pressure. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.