Bus Lanes - action needed!

This is taken from Honda Owners’ Club website:

“Apparently Transport for London are receiving very few comments from motorcyclists about the new London-wide TfL trial of motorcycles in red-route bus lanes. The latest news is that as part of the evaluation of the scheme ‘users views’ will be taken into account and ‘numbers responding’ will play a part in this.

“It’s this kind of thing that would shift the political balance against us. The cycle lobby groups are motivated and determined. They see denying motorcycles access to bus lanes as a number one key goal. They have a strong and well motivated campaigning local network. They will do all they can to achieve their goal.

“Unless we respond to this, we risk seeing this hard won concession denied to us after the experimental period has finished. The TfL scheme is being keenly watched outside London. Failure of the scheme in London will be likely to cripple our chances of getting motorcycles into bus lanes elsewhere.

“We urge all of you who read this to visit the TfL website and complete the response form, which will take only about two minutes. More information about bikes using the bus lanes in London can be found here.”


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By iancol