Demonstration: No To the Bike Parking Tax! 15th January 2009

We’re riding to Millbank Conservative head office to get a reply to our letter to them asking them to explain why a Conservative council (City of Westminster) have introduced a stealth tax on motorcycles.

You may now officially object to this parking tax via email, we have made it very convenient for you, all you need to do is fill out this form:

It will then automatically be sent to all relevant parties and be treated as an official objection. All you need to do is choose your own reference this could be anything e.g. “PARKINGTAX123″, you choose, make sure you enter a valid address and your name… Westminsters’ reference is already set for you, this way Westminster can track it and you can refer to it when corresponding with them.

We will also send you a copy of the email for your records! Please make sure even if you have sent an objection by post that you also send your objection via email as it will get to more people and still has to be counted as an official objection!

Spread the word on this and make sure you get all your friends, family, colleagues to all fill out this form. Some templates and ideas can be found below the form, so please also check these out before lodging your objection.

As well as that please also sign the 10 Downing St petition now up to almost 1,400 signatories!


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By ojosef