Tuesday ‘most dangerous day of week’

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Tuesday is the most dangerous day of the week for motorcyclists, according to insurer Bennetts.

The firm’s annual report looked at claims in the year to July 2008 and found bike accidents would drop by nearly a quarter if we all spent Tuesdays in bed.

Surprisingly the weekend was found to be when fewest accidents occurred.

The investigation also found Ford Focuses to be the most dangerous cars to motorcyclists for the second year running, involved in 14% of bike crashes.

Meanwhile the most dangerous day of the whole year was October 10. It’s the third time in four years the date has fallen in early autumn. Previously it’s been on September 23 and 29.

Bennetts has so far been unable to offer any explanations for the trends.

Director Paul Galligan said: “Our report reiterates just how careful bikers need to be when out and about on Britain’s roads, and reminds them to give the worst offending cars a wide birth.”

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell