Motorcyclists & cyclists should pull together

To begin with I don’t live in London but like most motorcyclists find that the ‘woolly hatted flat earth brigade’ are only happy when they can compain about anything thats not related to bicycles.

It’s probably the fault of the London cycle couriers who in the persuit of their work haven’t the time to be bothered with things like the highway code. As a cyclist as well as a motorcyclist using bus lanes I would rather be knocked over by another bike than by a bus weighing several tons.

Although I cycle nearly 5000 miles a year, I find most motorcyclists very courteous and am alarmed at how much agression is conducted towards us by the comments that appear within these forums.

Incidently, cyclists that belong to a club or national body generally have some sort of third party insurance but I’m afraid no road fund license. As many of you who have given your views and agree that we should stop slagging each other off and all lets pull together for the betterment of road travel.


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