Akrapovic slip-on for Kawasaki Ninja 250

Published: 21 July 2009

Due for release in the next few weeks is this neat slip-on replacement exhaust for the hugely popular Kawasaki Ninja 250.

This is one of the biggest selling bikes of the moment, becoming a commuters favourite as well as a new riders ideal first bike.

And the sporty looks of the tiny four-stroke have been given a huge boost with the release of this racy-styled slip-on that replaces the dated-looking stainless endcan that comes as standard.

Power increases aren’t going to be phenomenal – it is at the end of the day still a 250, but it’ll knock a little bit of weight off and sound a lot more girthy than the standard can.

No prices as yet, this is just a teaser for now. But we’ll let you know when prices are announced.