Plug-and-play traction control for £800

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Bazzaz Performance’s Z-Fi Traction Control system is designed for current Japanese supersport and superbikes and has been developed by Ammar Bazzaz, who helped Aussie Mat Mladin to his first three AMA Superbike championships during his six years at Yoshimura R&D.

The unit – recommended for track use only and which comes with an integrated quickshifter and fuel control unit – is easy to plug-in, set up and use and comes complete with software and wiring looms. A bar-mounted control to switch between two power maps  (which you can tailor to suit yourself) on the move costs an additional £190.  

Plugging into the bike’s standard loom, the traction control monitors crank speed, gearbox speed and throttle position. If it senses the engine spinning up too quickly (when a slide happens) it cuts the spark to the cylinders and power is reduced.

Unlike the traction control systems seen on high-level race bikes the Bazzaz Z-Fi doesn’t use wheelspeed sensors to control traction. But the beauty of the Bazzaz system is that you won’t need an electronics engineer to set it up at every track and for every weather and grip condition for it to work properly.

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