One-off Ecosse factory special for sale

Published: 18 June 2009

One-off showcase bikes from respected manufacturers don’t usually hit the classified ads. So MCN was surprised to see this Heretic from exclusive manufacturer Ecosse up for sale for £40,500.

Built to showcase the work of the American firm, the Heretic C is finished in black with orange pin-striping and coated in a matte-finish lacquer.

As standard, it packs a 130bhp, 1800cc version of the air-cooled Ecosse V-twin, and this bike is fitted with the upgrade Forbes exhaust, complete with ridiculously short silencers.

A titanium silencer option is also offered if you prefer a more subtle noise. The motor is attached to a compact five speed transmission.

The frame and swingarm are the standard Ecosse tubular chrome-moly design, with the standard fit Ohlins forks paired with an optional MotoGP-spec shock from the same Swedish manufacturer.

OZ forged aluminium race wheels are fitted, and ISR brakes developed specifically for Ecosse stop the mega-bucks machine.

Adjustable yokes, footpegs and rear shock layout are all standard too – the rear suspension position can be adjusted for sports, cruiser or dragster style rear ride height.

The bike is being sold through with a price tag of £40,500. You’ll need cash to ship it from the USA too.