Sportsbike ABS ‘might save hundreds of lives a year’

Published: 25 March 2009

Is the UK finally ready to accept ABS on sportsbikes? Traditionally all manufacturers except BMW have shied away from fitting the technology to their supersports models.

Early this year even Honda were unsure of how their new electronically controlled system would go down on the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR Fireblade.

But the system is so effective it won over road riders in MCN tests, and two racers who’ve tried the system – Jonathan Rea and German superbike champion Michael Bauer – say it could help them during a race.

In showrooms, Honda’s first batch of ABS-equipped CBRs has been snapped up. So could other sportsbikes follow suit, and what effect might that have on accidents?

A three-year research project published by Sussex police in 2004 found that around 65 per cent of fatal motorcycle crashes in the county involved sportsbikes.

More recent data from three other police authorities suggests that braking errors are a major factor in 18-70% of bike accidents in which riders are killed.

MCN is contacting more police authorities to get a more accurate picture for an article in next week’s paper but meanwhile, what do you think?

Would you buy a sportsbike with advanced ABS like Honda’s? Post a comment below