Video: Buell hits record 148mph on ice

Buell’s resident stunt rider Craig Jones has just returned from Sweden where he braved subzero temperatures to set a world first for the fastest bike on ice.  

After a short test period and several practices, Craig’s modified Buell 1125R reached 148.7mph on frozen Lake Dellen, with only a few centimetres of ice separating him from the freezing water.

Craig Jones was surprisingly calm about the record attempt: “I firmly believe that your head is the biggest limiting factor in pushing to the edge. The less you think about the risks, the further you can push yourself. So I kept it simple. I just put the bike into gear, tucked down and went as fast as I could.”

The extreme conditions called for some extreme mods. The white Buell 1125 was fitted with a nitrous oxide kit giving an estimated extra 50bhp. The tyres were specially adapted with metal spikes (20mm on rear and 15mm on front) for extra grip on the icy surface. 

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James Keen

By James Keen