What MotoGP savvy can do for your bike

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Next week’s MCN features one of the best ZX-10Rs ever created. It was made by an ex-MotoGP technician who turned a 2004 bike into a track weapon that’s two seconds a lap faster than a £45,000 Ducati Desmosedici

Here are the bits that ex-MotoGP tech guru Stewart Miller’s bolted to the five-year-old ZX-10R

• Race kit wiring loom and ECU
• BST carbon fibre wheels
• Carbon fibre fairing and seat unit, ‘picked up from the Czech Republic as parts for the ’04 ZX-10R are becoming scarce.’
• Ohlins Road and Track forks fitted with the latest 25mm Ohlins cartridge klit.
• Ohlins rear shock, sprung to suit owner’s weight.
• Ohlins steering damper.
• Monobloc four-piston brakes and HPK discs, all by Brembo.
• Gilles footrests, clip-ons and chain adjusters.
• HM quickshifter.

And here are his words of wisdom on uprating your bike

• There is no one thing you can do to your bike to transform it. It’s always a great number of things done well that gets the best results.
• Don’t try and reinvent the wheel – most times you’ll get it wrong.
• Most production bikes are built to the nearest half-brick. Reduce these tolerances, increase accuracy and the rest will look after itself.
• You can throw the best equipment money can buy at a bike in the wrong way and make it worse.
• Bike manufacturers aren’t stupid. Don’t stray too far away from the standard geometry.
• Most people jack up the rear and lower the front to speed up the steering, but you can easily go too far and spoil a well-balanced chassis.

Full story and pics in next week’s MCN, out June 3

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John Westlake

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