Beware track bikes with no V5

Published: 20 November 2009

Be very careful if you are buying a track bike, even from a dealer, and it doesn't have a V5 registration document because 'the chassis number has been removed to prevent a V5 being issued and it being used on the road'.

The whole point of a frame number is that it provides continuity and provenance for a vehicle that allows the authorities to check whether it's stolen or not.

Without any numbers there is no provenance and that frame could come from any number of bikes ­ which is a view most cops would take if they impounded it in the course of their investigations.

The dealer's play that "no frame number means no V5" isn't correct, as the bike could be awarded a Q-plate after it's been thoroughly checked over.

In fact, write-offs that don't have their frame numbers should be scrapped by the insurer or their agents.

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