Le petit Chopper

Published: 21 November 2009

You¹re 14 years old, live in France (where it¹s legal to ride mopeds at that age) and it's Christmas.

Your dad has just handed you the keys to the baddest (good in youth speak) moped ever seen in the hood (village) and you can¹t wait to hang (meet) with your bloods (friends) and chill (sit in a bus shelter).
This was the unbelievable scenario for French teen Martin Campillio. His chopper 'Wild Child', built by his father Dominic started life as two P50 step-through mopeds. Most of the chassis parts were junked in favour of 70¹s style Bicycle components such the Schwinn handlebars and 20-inch Œchopper¹ seat.

Dominic's build philosophy behind the bike¹s was ³to find parts, perfectly adaptable to them and the one to the others. The aim was to reach a perfect aesthetic harmony and equilibre and to give to it an Old School Chopper Look². All the additional parts were bought on Ebay and include:
Schwinn Stingray Handlebars
Chopper Bicycle 20'' vinyl seat
Chopper Bicycle Fork
Genuine grips, Hodaka Ace levers, Rupp throttle assy
Maltese Cross Taillight and Mirror
36 inches high sissy bar for muscle bicycles
Triumph Cub type muffler... a real megaphone with removable silencer
Amal type choke & decomp. levers.
Mini chopper headlight with genuine P50 switch
Honda CL 160 Badges
BMX Footpegs
Bullet dust cap
TNT air filter
More photos of 'Wild Child' are on Dominic¹s Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/motos-dominic-campillo/sets/72157622372196113/