Lame entry level bikes stifling sales to trendy 20-somethings

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Trendy 20-somethings are turning their backs on biking because manufacturers are not making machines that appeal to them, Britain’s only bike design house has claimed.

Mark Wells and Ian Wride founders of Xenophya Motorcycle Design believe manufacturers should re-introduce stylish 400 and 500cc capacity bikes aimed at fashion-following 20-somethings who are new to biking.

To prove their point, they have created a flat track concept based on the frame and engine of a Yamaha WR450 dirt bike. 

They came up with the design after carrying out extensive research in to gaps in the bike market for a leading manufacturer.

Wells said: “The key to the Streettracker is its dual nature. You can sit on it and feel comfortable, and it is nice and easy to ride, but it is not emasculating like many entry level bikes. It is cool, and that is what the 20 -25 year olds are looking for.”

The Streettracker has a similar ethos to the recently launched Mac Motorcycles range of bikes.

These, also designed by Xenophya, have 500cc engines and are designed to ‘put the fun back in to riding’, be simple to maintain and stylish – bringing chopper and bobber influences to bikes with good handling.

Wells and Wride believe the right 500cc bikes would make biking more appealing to a new generation, and also rekindle a passion for riding which has been lost in the pursuit of speed.

“There are people out there who don’t just want an R1,” he said. “What we did was look at how to take a Honda CB500 riding position and create an appealing bike.”

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Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley