Pushing a motorcycle across the pavement is illegal

Published: 13 October 2009

Pushing a motorcycle across the pavement to park in your own garden is illegal, police in Bristol have claimed.

They say MCN reader Nick Morris, 42, is committing an offence of "driving on the pavement to park" by "pushing his motorcycle across the pavement to the garden of his premises".

Neighbourhood inspector Colin Salmon has warned that Morris risks prosecution unless he parks his Suzuki SV1000 in the road instead.

Salmon told MCN: "We shouldn’t have anyone pushing a motorcycle on the pavement. Nobody should push a motor vehicle on a footpath to gain access to private property.

"That is the law. That is not what the pavements are for. If a person wishes to have access to their private property there is a due process of doing that, which includes applying to the local authority and getting planning permission to have a driveway and dropped kerb like most people do."

Morris branded Salmon a "complete moron". 

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In the meantime, tell us below if you push your bike up a kerb to park in your garden, and what you think of the police claim it's illegal