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New range of Halo leathers for 2010

Published: 30 October 2009

British leather manufacture Halo has just announced a new 2010 range, offering tailored made-to-measure services on their new line of decent specification suits.

Our favourite at MCN is this £899 Retrofit suit. However there is a new Motard suit (without knee sliders) and GP suit both retailing for the same price as the Retrofit, and a new SBK suit that’s £1199.99.

All of them have Halo’s trademark Kevlar seams using strips of Kevlar and fit them over every single seam in the suit. They are then sewn with quadruple stitching to make our suits up to 70% stronger than competitor suits.

The suits also have Halo’s own fluid armour fitted at the forearms and elbows and from the top thighs to the hip.

It’s a cross between a gel and foam that heats up with your body temperature to give a fluid feel. On impact the armour spreads the impact over a greater area softening any blow you may incur.

It is CE approved and all the other armour used in the suits is high quality Forcefield kit.

The manufacture uses 1.2mm cow leather that has been treated and pressed by in their own factory to make it lightweight, extremely strong and extremely soft.

And because every person is a different shape and this can affect the comfort of a suit, they’ve also designed Halo Flexfit comprising of leather stretch panels inserted at certain angles so the suits can automatically adjust to your shape giving maximum comfort, and a great fit.

Everything comes with a year warranty and the suits can be made-to-measure for £130 extra.