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What a fantastic day!! Left Derby 9.00am with a mate, enjoyed coffee and biker chats at the Midway cafe [you wouldn’t believe how good their cheese and tomato on toast looks!!]. Ijoined the mile-long queue of bikes approaching Ponderosa – never seen so many smiling people in a traffic jam!

I left for lunch in Corwen, met up with some friends and enjoyed more biker chat in the sunshine. Onto Betws y coed, more queueing, more smiling faces, more biker chat. I left for home at 4.15pm and after boring the pants off a helicopter which eventually gave up any hope that we were we were going to give it ‘hand fulls’ just as soon as we saw open road, we managed to find a great [non stop] route home via miles and miles of fast and bendy roads!

I have to admit that the traffic police seemed to be on their ‘best behaviour’ however the main praise has to be for all the bikers who gathered in such impressive numbers and showed the Police [and everyone else] their determination to ‘make a point’ but also what a tremendous group of people that they really are!

Proud to be a ‘biker’ and proud to have been a part of such a fantastic day!

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